Step up as a union leader.

NFLPA leaders are protectors in the locker room. They fight for what is right - not only for themselves, but for every player - and ensure their teammates stay informed on important issues.

If you are interested in getting involved as a Player Rep, Executive Committee member or Team Council, the Leadership Summit is a great opportunity to prepare you for these responsibilities.


Each January in tandem with our Collegiate Bowl game, we meet to:

  • Introduce you to your Executive Committee
  • Explain how the union functions
  • Discuss upcoming labor issues or bargaining
  • Explore the innovative work happening with NFL Players, Inc.
  • Give you space to voice concerns you have as an NFL player

Collegiate Bowl

You're also invited to attend the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl at the Rose Bowl as part of Leadership Summit. As the premier postseason all-star game for draft-eligible college players, the Collegiate Bowl provides players the chance to showcase their game to NFL scouts and coaches, while learning from the best in the business.

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