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Whether you’re strengthening your mental game or revitalizing after a difficult season, we have the tools you need.


From the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to the protests for social justice in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, all of us have been impacted in unprecedented ways this year. You may have reactions such as anger, confusion, sadness, helplessness or find yourself recalling memories of discrimination and prejudice or even questioning previous actions and statements you’ve made and those made by others. As we shift between the range of emotions that follow, most of us eventually come to the same question: What now?

First, we must acknowledge that responding to stress in this way is normal. By allowing this grace within ourselves, we can better extend it to our family, friends and teammates.

Second, we must focus our energy on what is within our own control. When the environment around us becomes as unpredictable and unstable as it is today, we have to be our own guide posts to navigate the challenging times. While this will look different for everyone (i.e. safely protesting, having hard conversations, donating to cause, engaging in self-care, etc.), it is a critical step in keeping ourselves mentally and physically safe.

Featured on this website are some resources to help manage your mental health during these times. We have researched these resources to ensure their values align with ours and reflect a commitment to end systemic racism. As always, we are here to help.