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The Cleveland Browns ranked 23rd in the team rankings this year. The two major issues players identified as problems this year have stayed steady from last year. First, the team needs an actual weight room. Since 2020, the weight room has been situated in the indoor practice field. The problem is compounded because the weight room takes up 15-20 yards of the already small indoor practice field. The second issue is the size of their locker room. It ranks as one of the smallest in the league, and players feel like they don’t have an adequate amount of personal space to simply get changed. The category grades for the Browns reflect the sentiments of the players: that the club is doing just enough to create a passable experience for the players with below average standards, but not doing nearly enough to create a high-quality workplace environment.

Breakdown of Key Categories


CategoryGradeRank out of 32
Treatment of FamiliesD-26th
Locker RoomD+23rd
Training RoomC+20th
Training StaffB-24th
Weight RoomD30th
Strength CoachesB+19th
Team TravelD23rd
Head CoachB-28th


Treatment of Families

  • They are one of 12 teams that do not provide their players’ families with a family room at the stadium 
  • They do provide daycare at the stadium for home games 
  • Two main issues: 
    • The postgame family meet-up area is a tent in the parking lot, which is rough in the winter weather 
    • Early in the season, the team was not allowing players who had been carted off the field with a significant injury to contact their wives or loved ones from the locker room to let them know how they were doing

Food / Cafeteria

  • They rank 19th overall in food taste 
  • They rank 19th overall in food freshness 
  • More than half of the returning players notice improved variety, taste and quality of food in the cafeteria

Nutritionist /Dietician

  • 82% of players feel like they get an individualized plan (19th overall) 

Locker Room

  • Only 61% of players feel like the locker room is big enough (27th overall) 
  • Only 71% of players feel like they have enough room in their individual lockers (26th overall) 
  • The players’ most common complaint about their locker room is simply that it is too small

Training Room

  • 84% of players feel they have enough full-time trainers (20th overall) 
  • Only 75% of players feel they have enough full-time physical therapists (24th overall) 
  • 81% of players feel they have enough hot tub space (20th overall) 
  • 86% of players feel they have enough cold tub space (19th overall) 
  • Several players feel that the training room is understaffed. Their top request is to hire additional trainers and physical therapists.

Training Staff

  • 80% of players feel like they receive enough one-on-one treatment (25th overall) 
  • Players feel that the training staff moderately contributes to their success (18th overall)

Weight Room

  • The players believe the quality of the weight room equipment is below average (30th overall) 
  • The players feel that they do not have enough space in their weight room (26th overall) 
  • The players just want a real weight room. It has been a temporary weight room taking up 15 -20 yards of the already small indoor field for the last four years.

Strength Coaches

  • 93% of players feel like they get an individualized plan (14th overall) 
  • The players feel that the strength coaches significantly contribute to their success (16th overall)

Team Travel

  • Only 67% of the players feel like they have a comfortable amount of personal space during flights (26th overall) 
  • They are one of seven teams that require some of their players to have roommates the night before a game

Head Coach

  • Only 70% of players feel that head coach Kevin Stefanski is efficient with their time (29th overall) 
  • Players feel that Kevin Stefanski is somewhat willing to listen to the locker room (23rd overall)


  • Club owner Jimmy Haslam receives a rating of 8.6/10 from the Browns players when considering his willingness to invest in the facilities (17th overall)