The National Football League Players Association (“NFLPA”) welcomes partnership and endorsement opportunities as long as the services and products are consistent with and appropriate to the NFLPA’s mission. The purpose of the NFLPA Partnership and Endorsement Policy is to define under what circumstances the NFLPA will enter into partnerships or endorsements, and to provide guidance in the development of those relationships that will further serve the NFLPA’s mission and goals, and enhance or improve NFLPA services and programs.

The NFLPA Partnership and Endorsement Policy is designed to protect the NFLPA’s name and discourage misrepresentation of relationships with outside entities. This policy governs all public representations of affiliation with the NFLPA. Such representations may include, but are not limited to, an organization’s website, brochures, promotional materials, publications, and other related materials. The NFLPA reserves the right to determine if the scope of any authorized use is misrepresented, and to take corrective action as deemed appropriate.

This policy provides the following guidelines for entering into partnership or endorsement agreements.


This policy applies to proposals seeking to partner with or secure the endorsement of the NFLPA. For example, the policy applies to charitable requests, as well as instances where the use of the NFLPA name and/or logo is desired. This policy does not apply when seeking to obtain a license from the National Football League Players, Incorporated (“NFLPI”), become a new corporate sponsor of NFLPI, or securing group or individual player rights, including endorsement deals. In situations where both NFLPA and player rights are requested, this policy shall apply to the extent that the principal purpose of the request is to secure the partnership or endorsement of the NFLPA.

Strict requirements govern the use of the NFLPA name, identity, and logo. Unless a specific and express license has been granted by the NFLPA, the NFLPA name, identity, and logo may not be used in a manner that is misleading or suggests or implies NFLPA endorsement or approval of any person, product, service, or activity. The following provisions apply to all NFLPA partnerships and endorsements with institutions, organizations, businesses, government entities and/or individuals.

NOTE: Nothing herein grants a formal partnership or joint relationship between the NFLPA and the organization receiving donations/memorabilia through the Partnership & Endorsement Policy unless otherwise determined by the NFLPA.


Applicant: An institution, organization, business, government entity or individual that submits a proposal to the NFLPA in an effort to become a partner (as defined herein) with the NFLPA.

Partner: An institution, organization, business, government entity or individual that collaborates with the NFLPA to provide programs and/or services in ways that are mutually beneficial to and in support of the missions of both the NFLPA and the partner.

Endorsement: The NFLPA providing material, non‐financial support to the institution, organization, business, or individual seeking an endorsement.

License: Written and express permission to use the NFLPA name, identity and logo in connection with approved promotional and/or business materials.


The steps for the creation of a partnership or endorsement with the NFLPA are as follows:

  1. To propose a relationship with the NFLPA , the Applicant must submit a proposal according to the specific format as outlined in the “Proposed Partnership Outline Format” section below;
  2. All submissions will be logged in accordance with file date and Applicant will receive an email noting such date;
  3. A quorum of the committee will review and evaluate all applications in a timely fashion;
  4. If review of the proposal yields interest and appears to be mutually beneficial based on the NFLPA’s mission and goals, and the selection criteria specified herein, a member of the NFLPA staff will contact the party within 15 business days;
  5. Specific partnership or endorsement agreements appropriate to the project will be drafted jointly. There is no specifically prescribed format for such agreements, which may take any of several forms depending on the desired relationships among parties;
  6. Subject to a fully executed partnership or endorsement agreement, the relationship will commence.

NOTE: All partnership or endorsement agreements shall be subject to all applicable state, federal and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations while being consistent with the goals and purposes of the NFLPA.


The NFLPA will determine and use selection criteria, based upon the nature and character of each proposed agreement, to evaluate potential partnership or endorsement opportunities. The selection criteria used to evaluate a prospective partnership or endorsement may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Project alignment with NFLPA mission and goals;
  • Ability to meet or serve the needs of NFLPA members;
  • Alternatives that currently exist, or have been considered, to serve the audience identified in this project;
  • The number and demographic profile of target audience or beneficiaries;
  • Ability to provide assurance to the NFLPA of the long‐term stability of the proposed partnership, both for operations and for maintenance standards;
  • Reasonable and competitive costs for participants;
  • Overall benefits for both the NFLPA and the Applicant;
  • The compatibility of the products, customers and promotional goals with the NFLPA’s mission;
  • Operating and maintenance costs associated with the proposed partnership;
  • Timeliness or readiness of the Applicant to enter an agreement;
  • Actual value in cash, or in‐kind goods or services provided to the NFLPA;
  • Confirmed business partners of the Applicant to ensure the NFLPA is protecting its interests;
  • Confirmation that all agreements protect the NFLPA’s assets and interests, and result in benefits to the NFLPA and its members. No partnership agreement will impair or diminish the authority of the NFLPA over an event or program that is subject to the agreement;
  • The availability of similar programs elsewhere in the community;
  • Consent to and completion of a comprehensive, acceptable background check of the individual(s) and entity making the request.

NOTES: Requests made by current or former players will be given special consideration, but are still subject to the general requirements outlined herein.


All partnerships and endorsements must adhere to the following baseline requirements:

  • Must be consistent with the NFLPA’s philosophy, mission, vision, and values;
  • Partnerships and endorsements shall not drive the NFLPA's agenda or priorities;
  • Must not give unfair advantage to, or cause discrimination against, any sectors of the community;
  • Decisions shall be made consistent with all other NFLPA policies and procedures;
  • Approval by the Partnership and Endorsement Committee, with final approval from the Executive Director;
  • Partnership or endorsement is NOT to be construed as an endorsement of products or services unless specifically stated;
  • Must not violate existing NFLPA or NFLPI obligations or relationships;
  • All gifted products, materials, services and financial contributions require NFLPA approval and must meet the specifications and standards of the NFLPA.


The NFLPA will NOT enter into partnerships or endorsements with any of the following:

  • Applicants whose missions and values that do not align with those of the NFLPA;
  • Police‐regulated businesses, such as, but not limited to, adult businesses (activities restricted to adults); tobacco firms or marketers; groups advocating hate or violence; firms or groups advocating illegal or inappropriate use of drugs or other illegal activity; businesses or entities promoting adult materials or services or with sexual associations such as massage parlors, escort services or establishments featuring, for show or sale, X-rated or pornographic movies or materials; false, misleading or deceptive endorsements/underwriters; businesses or entities whose materials, services or products are harmful to children;
  • Parties to a lawsuit adverse to the NFLPA;
  • Companies that promote alcoholic beverages when the target audience of the event, program or facility is under the legal drinking age;
  • Parties involved in any stage of negotiations for an NFLPA or NFLPI contract, where a partnership or endorsement could impact negotiations.

The NFLPA reserves to right to sever the partnership or endorsement based on the existence and extent of Partner’s business relationships that may be contrary to existing NFLPA relationships or the NFLPA’s mission. NFLPA will submit reasonable notice to the Partner in this instance.


The NFLPA logo shall be used only by recognized parties who have gained the express, written consent of the NFLPA. The official name, acronym, logo, and marks of the NFLPA shall be reserved for its exclusive use, and may only be used by outside entities as authorized in writing by the NFLPA and in accordance with this policy. The NFLPA must review and approve each and every such usage. The logo will not be modified in any manner. No additional words or names are to be added or used to replace those in the logo. Without prior written consent by the NFLPA, no license or authorization to use such marks by third parties in any manner will be given.

Anyone found in violation of this policy will be asked to remove the NFLPA logo from their paraphernalia and/or electronic forms of communication immediately. The NFLPA will pursue any and all legal remedies, including seeking monetary damages, to stop such unauthorized usage.


Provide as much information as possible about the request, using the following form:

P.E.P. Form

Online form to apply for a partnership with, or endorsement by the NFL Players Association.