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We have extensive knowledge of over 2,000 NFL players’ interests, abilities, background and other defining characteristics and can help you identify the right players for your brand and marketing campaigns.

Player Activations & Experiences

Create in-person experiences with NFL players. You can invite NFL players to engage with your consumers at a number of events, including:

  • Retail appearances
  • Meet & greets
  • Fan interactions
  • Trade shows
  • Sales meetings
  • Media Appearances


Amplify your brand to fans, other business partners and the players themselves. Customize sponsorship packages to align your brand directly with NFL players at events like:

  • NFLPA Rookie Premiere (May)
  • NFLPA Collegiate Bowl (January)
  • Super Bowl Week (February)
  • Player Camps (May-June)
  • NFLPA Debut (April)

Campaigns & Content

Tell powerful stories connecting your brand to NFL players influence, interests and personalities. You can create unique content opportunities and campaigns with players via photoshoots, social media, online videos and other promotions.

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