The NFLPA and Zoomph analyzed player social media data to find the most influential players as we head into the season.

Top 50 Influencer Hot List

The NFLPA Top 50 Influencer Hot List powered by Zoomph helps marketers and brands understand the impact NFL players can make based on a proprietary Social Marketability Index that factors in commonly measured social metrics. A high number of followers can help with reach; however, it is not the only deciding factor for the impact an influencer can have with their social media content. This ranking showcases the players who had the best overall social media performance this year.

Method: The Influencer Hot List provides an overall ranking of NFL players based on their total social performance score, noted in the “total” column. The social performance scoring is based on their number of organic posts, followers, engagement rate, impressions, and follower interaction rate. The list factors those individual metrics into the final cumulative score. Max score: 125.

The NFLPA can also evaluate social media behavior to help connect the right players with the right brands for partnerships and campaigns based on other important criteria like consistent activity, subject matter interests and audience segmentation.

The date range for the data provided below is September 7, 2022 to July 23rd, 2023 and the sources are Twitter/X and Instagram.

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Audience metrics were determined by Zoomph's consumer insights platform, which has a database of more than 350 million social profiles. Individual audiences were created for each player and analyzed based on their own social following. All audience demographic and psychographic data was anonymized prior to ingestion into Zoomph. Audience data is continually refreshed into the Zoomph platform.