The CBA gives players the right to a second medical opinion concerning their physical ability or inability to play football. The club must pay for this provided the player:

  • First consults with the club physician prior to seeing the second opinion physician; and
  • Makes sure that the physician rendering the second opinion provides the club with a copy of his/her report.

If a player is a candidate for surgery, he has the right to select a surgeon of his choice to perform the surgery. However, unless the surgery is an emergency, the player must first consult the club physician and give due consideration to any recommendation made by the club physician. All medical bills are to be paid by the club.

The CBA also gives a player the right to examine his medical or trainers' records twice a year--once during the pre-season and again after the regular season. Also, a player or former player may obtain a copy of his medical file upon request during the off-season, and his personal physician may obtain a copy of his medical records at any time. If the club physician notifies any club representative that a player has a medical condition which could adversely affect his performance or health, the physician must also notify the player. If the condition can be significantly aggravated by the player continuing to play, the physician must notify the player of this in writing before he can return to the field.