To those on the frontlines, fighting COVID-19: we see you.

Here are five stories of heroes serving their communities despite facing the most difficult circumstances. Keeping our country running and our spirits are so appreciated.

Eight nurses and assistants from Washington State's PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center volunteered their time at local nursing home Shuksan Healthcare Center that was tragically affected by COVID-19.

I listen to lungs all night, check oxygen and temperatures every 2-4's hard to describe what it truly looks like.

- Sophie Siemion, RN

45 people humbly offered to be recipients for the first test vaccine for COVID-19 - not previously tested on animals, with no knowledge of possible side effects.

Going out of his way to serve students safely during a time of distance learning, Mr. Waba served up a front porch lesson in algebra to 6th grader Rylee. His commitment to his student's success makes him a frontliner.

If there wasn't anyone to go to the store for them, what would they do?

- Major Bobby Reed

Major Bob Reed of Kansas' Bourbon County Sheriff's Department delivered basic necessities to people in his area who were unable to go to the store. His actions encouraged other sheriff and police departments around the country to serve their communities in this way.

Our players are inspiring their communities, too.