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The Kansas City Chiefs come in second to last place among NFL clubs in this year's survey. The one bright spot for the team is head coach Andy Reid, who was the highest rated head coach in the NFL. Other than that, the players are frustrated by their workplace offerings, especially after the team's sustained success in recent years.

The responses identify major issues in two areas: quality of care and out-of-date facilities.

The number one complaint when it comes to the facilities is the locker room. Though the players received actual chairs with backs to sit in at their lockers in response to last year’s feedback, it did not change the fact that the locker room is overdue for a renovation. What adds to the frustration is that management told the players that renovations would come after the 2022 season. The players went on to win the Super Bowl and when they arrived back at their facility for the 2023-2024 season, they realized the team never followed through with the promised renovation (other than adding chairs).

The players' issue with quality of care is mostly centered around the training room. The players feel that the training room is significantly understaffed, with only 43% of the team responding that they get an adequate amount of one-on-one treatment time. Players feel that the staff is unwilling to provide the necessary treatment to support recovery and performance; for example, players are not allowed to get preventative treatment (soft tissue work, other care) for soreness and day-to-day issues, a regular offering across the NFL.

From the results, it is clear that there has not been a significant reinvestment back into the facilities even after consistent success. That has led to a high level of frustration among player respondents and reflects in club owner Clark Hunt’s ranking as the least willing to invest in team facilities among all NFL owners/ownership group in the opinions of the respondents.

Breakdown of Key Categories


CategoryGradeRank out of 32
Treatment of FamiliesD+18th
Locker RoomF28th
Training RoomD31st
Training StaffF32nd
Weight RoomC+23rd
Strength CoachesC+27th
Team TravelD27th
Head CoachA+1st


Treatment of Families

  • They provide a family room at the stadium 
  • They provide daycare across the street on gameday 
  • A number of players want daycare to be offered onsite (like most NFL teams), which would make it much more convenient for their families

Food / Cafeteria

  • They rank 25th overall in food taste 
  • They rank 27th overall in food freshness 

Nutritionist /Dietician

  • The team's head dietician was given the second-lowest individual grade compared to other dieticians around the League
  • The major issue is that players feel like she is very rarely present at the facility
  • Only 37% of players feel like they get an individualized plan (31st overall)

Locker Room

  • 74% of players feel like the locker room is big enough (24th overall) 
  • 63% of players feel like they have enough room in their individual lockers (30th overall) 
  • The good news is that after many years, the team finally provided actual chairs for players to use at their lockers. The issue, however, is that the players feel that the team promised them much more. The original plan was for the team to do a full renovation of the locker room after the ‘22 season. However, the team never followed through with that promise.

Training Room

  • Only 66% of players feel they have enough full-time trainers (31st overall) 
  • Only 48% of players feel they have enough full-time physical therapists (31st overall) 
  • 82% of players feel they have enough hot tub space (18th overall) 
  • 81% of players feel they have enough cold tub space (21st overall) 
  • Many players feel like the training room is significantly understaffed and it also lacks the necessary equipment that is found standard in most other training rooms

Training Staff

  • The team’s head trainer is given the second-lowest overall grade in the league as compared to other team ratings of their head trainers. 
  • Only 43% of players feel like they receive enough one-on-one treatment (32nd overall). 
  • The players feel that the training staff only slightly contribute to their success. The Chiefs trainers received the lowest score across the league in this category.
  • A number of players feel like the staff is not willing to provide support/treatment to all players 
  • Some players say they are unable to get rehab done to prepare for practice and reference an overall lack of care by the team

Weight Room

  • The players feel like the equipment quality in the weight room is average (24th overall) 
  • The players do not feel like they have enough space to effectively train in the weight room (25th overall) 
  • A majority of Chiefs believe their facility is no better than offsite locations where they could train. Only five other teams in the league have similarly poor impressions of their own weight room.

Strength Coaches

  • Only 76% of players feel like they get an individualized plan (30th overall) 
  • The players feel that the strength coaches moderately contribute to their success (24th overall)

Team Travel

  • 83% of the players feel like they have a comfortable amount of personal space during flights (15th overall) 
  • The Chiefs are one of seven teams that require some of their players to have roommates the night before a game

Head Coach


The Chiefs players give high ratings to Andy Reid, making him the highest-ranked head coach in the NFL.

  • Andy Reid receives a 9.77/10 individual rating from his players (1st overall) 
  • 95% of players feel Andy Reid is efficient with their time (11th overall) 
  • The players feel that Andy Reid is very willing to listen to the locker room (6th overall)


  • Club owner Clark Hunt receives a rating of 4.9/10 from Chiefs players when considering his willingness to invest in the facilities (32nd overall)