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The NFLPA prides itself in providing world class service, superior support and solidarity throughout each player’s lifecycle. Therefore, we have expanded our mission to focus on the education, engagement and empowerment of spouses and significant others in order to enable all players and their families to successfully navigate their NFL careers mentally, physically and emotionally.

We’re committed to serving as a resource and ensuring that you are aware of the benefits the NFLPA has negotiated on behalf of the players, as well as the programs designed to enhance their off-field experiences.

As a member of the Ladies Council, you will have access to the following:

  • Monthly Digest | Emailed to you featuring various NFLPA resources offered.
  • Girls Talk | Webinars hosted by subject matter experts featuring an anonymous forum allowing you to ask questions that are important to you while maintaining privacy.
  • Ladies Network | Build bonds with other women who are in your shoes.

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What is the Ladies Council?

History of the NFLPA Ladies Council  

In 2020, the NFLPA Board of Reps established the “Ladies Council” which was created to enhance awareness and utilization of all programs, benefits, and resources for player spouses, significant others, and/or family members.

What Do We do?

We are proud to provide world-class service and support to each player throughout his journey. You are a huge part of helping players navigate their careers, and we want you to feel educated, engaged, and empowered as well. 

We’re committed to ensuring that you are aware of the benefits the NFLPA has negotiated for all players, as well as the programs designed to enhance their off-field experiences.  

Supporting Your Player

The NFLPA is dedicated to assisting players and their families, both during and beyond their time on the field. Explore the various resources and opportunities available to you. Discover how we can support you in all aspects of life. 

Benefits Information For You

Healthy Babies 

Receive valuable incentives and resources to help you and your spouse prepare for parenthood by enrolling in the NFL Player Insurance Plan Healthy Babies Program now. Unmarried significant others are also encouraged to enroll to take advantage of knowledgeable experts and a personal health coach, although they will not be eligible for incentives.  

  • Up to $600 in reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses if enrolled within the first 14 weeks of pregnancy ($300 if enrolled in weeks 15-28 of pregnancy) 
  • Access to a personal health coach and specialty case management for high-risk pregnancies 
  • Complementary giveaways, including a useful and informative book 


NFL Assistance Program 

Spouses have access to work/life resources in addition to the full Player Insurance Plan. Learn more about what Cigna has to offer. 

Widows and Caregivers

We value each of you and want to ensure you feel supported throughout your journey. Our widows and caregivers resources are here to help those who need them.

Former Player Website and App Directions

If you are a spouse/significant other of a former player and would like access to NFLPA.com and an exclusive spouse/significant other-only section of the NFLPA Former Players App, please follow the below instructions! 

  • Have your former player log in to NFLPA.com
  • Have him add you as a spouse using the Manage Spouse/Significant other prompt under Quick Links
  • He will fill in your information, click save and return to dashboard

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