Justin Forsett, the seven-year NFL veteran and running back for the Baltimore Ravens, took time out of his hectic schedule recently to tour the NFL Players Association downtown D.C. offices. Forsett toured the NFLPA headquarters with Player Affairs and Development, a key department that works to empower players to focus on matters that will enhance their transitions through the NFLPA pipeline. The team works with player representatives as liaisons to provide off the field direction through mentorship programs, comprehensive financial services and other membership assistance.


Resources On Point

“What was very helpful was hearing about other opportunities I could get into, whether it was some workshops that I could go to, or seminars... because I know that I want to get into player development. I do speaking already, but talking about other things with guys who are interested in things like real estate; I’m looking to see what we [the NFLPA] can do on that end with guys."

Building Relationships

“As it concerns relationships, it’s good to have contacts because you’ll never know when you’ll need help. It is always good to build a rapport [with the NFLPA staff] so when you need something, [the work involved] is not one-sided -- it abates the feeling of a hand-me-down or hand out.”

Business Support

"As far as marketing opportunities, normally I deal with my agent, but I didn’t know that I could contact people here, such as Gina Scott, (VP, Partner Services) that I could reach out her and other people directly and discuss my ideas. George (Hegamin; Sr. Manager Player Services) and Wesley (Nakwaasah; Coordinator, Player Services) mentioned things about NFLPA-sponsored events for the Super Bowl. So, instead of always going to my agent, I feel like I have another place to go to get information on how to make money off the field.”

One Team

“I knew that the NFLPA worked for us, but when I got here it was different. I felt welcomed and it was refreshing seeing the faces and people who actually work just for the players. It was amazing.”

Find Out For Yourself

Are you an active player visiting the Washington, D.C. area soon? Contact Dior Ginyard, Player Affairs and Development Manager by phone (202) 756-9122 or email dior.ginyard@nflpa.com for how you can tour our offices and learn more about the NFLPA.