Catching Up with Former Player Rep: Justin Forsett


Former Player Services Department

We caught up with former NFLPA Player Rep, Justin Forsett. We discussed his entrepreneur mindset, what skills he learned when he was a Player Rep, and how he has transferred those skills into his life today.

What are you up to nowadays and can you talk about your entrepreneur mindset?

I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of Hustle Clean. We create convenient products with clean ingredients for the most active people on the planet. I started the company when I was in the NFL as a side hustle, and now have grown it into my main hustle.

When it comes to my mindset, I didn’t want to be confined to one box. When I was playing, I never really wanted to be an All-Pro running back. I wanted to be an All-Pro dad, an All-Pro husband, and an All-Pro businessman. If you want to be great, your efforts and attitudes have to be great towards anything you are doing.

What was your experience being an NFLPA Player Rep and what were those responsibilities like?

It was awesome. I was a representative when I was on the Ravens towards the end of my career. It was a big responsibility to keep the players informed and show them the resources they have at their disposal. It was great to fight for their rights and be a voice for them. It wasn’t something that was on my radar early in my career but as I got older, I started to understand how important that position was, and I took a lot of pride in it.

What was your experience leaving the game like?

In my last season, I played with three different teams and my wife was pregnant with our daughter. I remember one time when I got released by the Lions and I was moving to Denver to play for the Broncos for the last couple of weeks, my wife packed up everything in Detroit and she drove nine hours in a snowstorm with the kids, and I just knew then it was time. We had a good run at it but at the end of the day, I wanted to settle down, accomplish some things, and keep the family in a better situation.

What skills have you learned along the way in your career that help you today?

The main thing is perseverance. As an entrepreneur, it is very hard and lonely at times, and it’s the ability to persevere, having mental toughness, and knowing how to be disciplined and committed. That all came from my sports background, and I carry that with me all the time. All of those skills are essential for growth and being healthy, both in my personal life and professional career.

Justin Forsett

What’s one piece of advice you wish you knew when you started your career?

If you want to lead, you must read. In college and early in my career, I didn’t love reading, but there are so many great resources out there that can help. There is so much knowledge and wisdom inside of books. Being an entrepreneur and tapping into those resources has allowed me to grow and become more educated. I wish I got into books earlier because they really do help.

What’s next for Justin Forsett?

My greatest goal in life is to inspire. I am able to use what God has placed into my hands and heart to inspire courage in life. I do a lot of public speaking for corporate America, and I am able to encourage people to pursue their dreams. I want to share my story and encourage other people, so they know that anything is possible. That’s how I want to continue my growth and my life, and that is to inspire and encourage.

Outside of your career now and football, what other hobbies do you have?

My kids are starting to get into sports, so I like being around them and helping them out. I also enjoy playing basketball. I get up in the morning around 6am for a hoop session every once in a while. It’s a lot of fun and keeps you in shape. You also get that competitive piece that you’ve lost since stepping away from football.

Any final thoughts for players figuring out their next career?

Don’t find a job, find a passion. You want to do something that you love. The thing that is going to keep you going is finding your “why.” If you have a strong “why” you will be successful. Also, don’t allow anyone to confine you to one box. Yes, you were a former athlete, but that is not all you are. Overall, continuing to find ways to thrive outside of the game and finding your “why.”