What’s up, Fellas!

First off, congrats on making it this far and welcome to the NFL. All of your hard work since you first put on that helmet has finally paid off to get this point. With that said, this is just the beginning. Now it’s time to write your story.

You’re a pro now - and this is a grown-man league. Be prepared to handle your business on and off the field. My rookie year, I had no OTAs, just like y’all (It was the year of the 2011 lockout). Self-accountability is what separates guys in this league. Those who last are the ones who take care of the small details.

You’re still going to have to come in, dissect the playbook, be a dog on the field and make plays. Whether you were drafted in the first round or not drafted at all, the ultimate goal is to make that 53-man roster!

My best advice to all of you guys is to find a true, veteran professional in the building and pick his brain on how he got to where he is now. Self-educate yourself on your finances, nutrition and recovery. Lastly, just enjoy this moment. COVID has been tough on us all; but when you step on the field, that’s your chance to let your light shine and do what you love.

Best of luck to all of y’all and if you need anything, please reach out!

K.J. Wright

Seattle Seahawks, Player Rep
NFL Rookie Class of 2011
Instagram: @kj_wright34