For the Players, By the Players: The Players' All-Pro Team Is Here


JC Tretter

January 10, 2023

For the first time ever, NFL players are honoring the best in the game by naming our Players’ All-Pro team, which will be announced tomorrow. Every active NFL player had the opportunity to cast their vote to decide who is really the best at each position.

We compete against each other all season long, watching hours and hours of film week after week after week, and yet we have never had an opportunity to truly use our expertise to select the best of us. We think it is important that players take the time to define ourselves, because so far, we have allowed everyone else to either pick or dilute our voices.

For example, players vote for the Pro Bowl, but only get 1/3 of the say. The “NFL Top 100” is another list where we have input, but the setup is flawed because it compares players in a way that belies the sport and players do not really take it seriously. Also, how can one fairly compare different positions to each other in a linear list -- for instance, a QB versus an offensive guard? The Players’ All-Pro is the only team voted on exclusively by players, in a way that makes the most sense to the game of football -- and the response from our membership has been tremendous.

Here are the rules that differentiate us from anyone else:

  • Only active NFL players can vote and they get only one vote.
  • If a player missed five or more games as of Week 15, then they are ineligible. This is to ensure that we are choosing the best players who had the most impact this season. Being available counts.
  • Players cannot vote for themselves or for their own teammates
  • Players vote for the position group they play in and line up against.
    • For example, centers can vote for:
      • The best Center in the league
      • The best nose tackle in the league
      • The best Interior defensive lineman in the league
      • The best off-ball linebacker in the league
  • We had each various player leaders from each team nominate their two best special teams players (or “core teamers”) for the ballot. We wanted the locker rooms to decide who should represent their team in that position.

When we announce the full team tomorrow, it will be the first true representation of players recognizing the best of us. We have media awards like the AP, analytics outfits like PFF and so many others who think they know best; but check back tomorrow to find out who the players – and only the players -- think are truly the best in the NFL this season.