Does football cause depression? And what is the NFL doing about CTE?

The Highlights:

  • The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) — the union that represents professional American football players in the NFL — set aside $100M of player funds for medical research during the term of this collective bargaining agreement.
  • The NFLPA awarded these funds to Harvard University after a thorough search process. Harvard is using the funding to diagnose, treat and prevent players' injuries and illnesses.
  • In partnership with the University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center, we also created a crisis hotline that offers free, confidential support for the entire NFL family. This includes current and former players, coaches, team and league staff, and their family members.
  • The players have succeeded in getting the NFL to agree to independent sideline concussion experts, the certification and credentialing of all professional football medical staff, and a fairer workers compensation system in professional football.

Our players deserve the best care, and we will fight to hold the NFL and the Clubs accountable for providing it.

We know that research and partnerships will be an important factor in improving player care and safety, which is why, given their keen interest in Health and Safety issues in football, we call on Congressman Cummings, Congressman Issa and the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to review this issue as well.