NFL players were asked to rate their offensive, defensive and/or special teams coordinators in conjunction with the second annual NFLPA Player Team Report Card project, an anonymous, comprehensive player survey* conducted among each team during NFLPA visits last fall. These coordinators received the highest average rating from players on their clubs, based on survey results collected from players on each team. The NFLPA is only publishing the Top 5 coordinators in each category to highlight and focus on the positive impact coaches can have on players across the league. We also want to ensure that players' opinions are heard and accounted for by clubs ahead of the next hiring cycle. 

We still plan on releasing our full NFLPA Player Team Report Cards in the spring. 

Top 5 Defensive Coordinators

  1. Aaron Glenn - Detroit Lions
  2. Steve Wilks - San Francisco 49ers
  3. Dan Quinn - Dallas Cowboys
  4. Brian Flores - Minnesota Vikings
  5. Raheem Morris - Los Angeles Rams 

Top 5 Offensive Coordinators

  1. Frank Smith - Miami Dolphins
  2. Thomas Brown - Carolina Panthers
  3. Brian Schottenheimer - Dallas Cowboys
  4. Brian Callahan - Cincinnati Bengals
  5. Kellen Moore - Los Angeles Chargers

Top 5 Special Teams Coordinators

  1. John Fassel - Dallas Cowboys
  2. Chris Tabor - Carolina Panthers
  3. Matt Daniels - Minnesota Vikings
  4. Dave Fipp - Detroit Lions
  5. Darren Rizzi - New Orleans Saints

*The survey was administered online by Artemis Strategy Group during the NFLPA visits between August 28 and November 16, 2023. All NFL players were given the opportunity to take the survey. 864 offensive players rated their offensive coordinator, 774 defensive players rated their defensive coordinator and 1,025 who play on special teams rated their special teams coordinator.