We spoke with the newly crowned Super Bowl champ about his experience in the program and how he balances his schoolwork and football.

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What motivated you to begin an MBA at the Kelley School of Business?

The program offers opportunities outside of football to make an easier transition. It can really help us bridge the gap after football. You can never be too educated, and the Kelley program is a unique opportunity to be able to take my time doing it and do it during football. It was really a no-brainer on whether to do it or not.

What are you hoping that this will do for your future?

I want to be prepared for whatever opportunities may come my way outside of just football, so this will help me prepare for a big range of different jobs.

What are some obstacles you’ve had to overcome in order to be successful in the Kelley program?

The program is a lot of work and you have to give it 100 percent. Being out of college for quite some time now, I’ve had to learn how to study again. While I am working hard at it, I’m more focused now than I was in college, and it’s easier to retain the information. Another plus is that even if the program isn’t finished, you can still learn a lot of things along the way.

How do you balance all the different areas of your life – family, fatherhood, football, and education?

It’s tough, but as a player you’re very routine – and it’s nice to have a routine in the offseason, too. It’s also a really good example for my kids. They see me working hard to finish something that is important to me. Overall, it’s just a different kind of challenge than football is.

How many hours do you have to commit weekly to completing your classes?

About seven to ten hours per week.

What advice do you have for players considering going back to school?

Give it a try. School isn’t for everyone, but it’s a very advantageous opportunity to further education at no cost to us. I wish that I would have started sooner, but you can never be too prepared or work too hard for the future. It’s a way to plan ahead and better your future. I’ve heard the transition out of football can be hard, and this is a good way to make the transition easier.

Motto to live by?

I like to work, but I live to play. You have to work hard to play hard on and off the field.