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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Von Miller has been named the Week 6 NFLPA Community MVP after providing more than $35,000 worth of free eyecare and eyewear for 70 kids in Atlanta.

“This NFLPA Community MVP recognition means the world to me, the Von’s Vision Foundation team, our sponsors and donors, and especially the kids,” the Denver Broncos linebacker said. “This shows everyone, yet again, what teamwork can do and what an idea can become with the right team beside you.”

Miller and his Von’s Vision Foundation are taking their “Vision Days” on the road this year, with Atlanta serving as the first stop of the football season. On October 9, local children from economically disadvantaged homes came to the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, where they received comprehensive screening, examination and corrective eyeglasses (if needed) at no cost. Kids and their families were guided through the eye exam by ophthalmologists, with the ability to choose from exclusively designed eyewear that is being delivered to their home at a later date.

“Von’s Vision programs have also surprised me at times – the need is shocking,” Miller said. “Not only have our Vision Day teams discovered that nearly 80% of our kids have needed glasses for perhaps years, but our ophthalmologists have also found many children with vision-threatening conditions. Some even had life-threatening eye conditions. Without Vision Day events, how would they know?”

This marks the fourth time that Miller has earned NFLPA Community MVP honors for his life-changing, charitable efforts. Fueled by his own experience of not being able to afford corrective vision services as a child, the Super Bowl MVP founded Von’s Vision Foundation in 2012. Its mission is to improve the vision of Denver-area youth so that they can succeed in the classroom and in life.

Since its inception, the foundation has supplied nearly $4 million in free eyewear and eyecare services to youth across the country. As a result, thousands of students in need have received either their first pair of glasses or replacements.

Von’s Vision Centers have been set up at all three Colorado-based Boys & Girls Clubs, allowing kids from low-income families to be served on a monthly basis. In 2019, Miller expanded the foundation’s services with the launch of “Von’s Locker.” Geared toward those unable to attend or wait for a Vision Day event, the program provides students who already have a glasses prescription but may be uninsured with access to new eyewear at one of 13 optometry offices throughout Colorado. The following year, Miller expanded his Von’s Locker program by opening a permanent installation at Texas A&M University, his alma mater. He also plans to host an inaugural Vision Day event in Dallas in November.

"I love seeing kids light up as they receive their new glasses. I wasn't expecting that,” Miller said. “In 2012, I just wanted to start Von’s Vision and help a few kids...and here we are today. It’s a beautiful process and an education I couldn’t have imagined. It’s a blessing.”

In honor of Miller being named this week’s Community MVP, the NFLPA will make a $10,000 contribution to his charity or foundation of choice. Our supporting partner, Aldine Sports Association, will create customized T-shirts and hoodies featuring his unique Community MVP superhero illustration made by HEARTLENT Group. The apparel will be sold on ASA’s website during the season, with a portion of all proceeds going to Miller’s foundation or charity of choice.

Miller, along with the other 2021 Community MVPs, will become eligible for this year’s Alan Page Community Award, which is the highest honor that the NFLPA can bestow upon a player.   

The Community MVP campaign is part of the NFLPA’s continued efforts to support the year-round, civic outreach and engagement of its player members. Please visit the NFLPA Community MVP website to learn more about the program.  

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