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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The NFL Players Association is proud to announce Dr. Sidney Hinds as its first Chief Health Equity Officer. Along with this newly established role, Col. Hinds will also serve as the NFLPA’s deputy medical director, working alongside Chief Medical Director Dr. Thom Mayer to carry out the union’s mission of protecting the health and safety of its player members.

As a retired United States Army officer who ascended to the title of Colonel, Hinds brings more than 30 years of military medicine experience to the table. He is a neurologist and nuclear medicine physician who has served as the Vice President for Brain Health Strategy and Research for Wounded Warrior Project, the Department of Defense (DoD) Brain Health Research Coordinator and the national director of the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center.

“It is an honor to serve as the NFLPA’s first Chief Health Equity Officer in working to ensure that all of our player members have access to the best care and information for their health and safety,” Dr. Hinds said. “This sport features some of the best doctors and medical professionals in the world, and I am excited to partner with them to advocate for the type of advancement and breakthrough – particularly in the area of neuroscience -- that will benefit not only athletes, but also their families and surrounding community members.”

Dr. Hinds will play an instrumental role in the NFLPA’s health and safety advocacy, including monitoring the care provided to players by NFL clubs and their medical staff, reviewing and analyzing relevant health and safety data, and serving as a member on all of the union’s relevant health and safety committees. As he has done throughout his career, he will also advocate for equity and fairness across our healthcare system -- both within the NFL and across the country -- for our players and their families.

“We take a zero-sum approach to protecting our members, and retaining the service of Col. Sid Hinds fits squarely into that mission,” NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said. “Sid brings a tremendous amount of experience in neuroscience and accountability-based care. We believe he possesses all of the skills to be both an advisor and advocate on behalf of NFL players, ensuring the NFL remains focused on its patients coming first and foremost.”

NFL players across the league stand to benefit from Dr. Hinds’ extensive experience in shaping standards of concussion care in the military, understanding brain health and injury, and training leaders on best practices in the field.

“Dr. Hinds has spent his entire career in the military putting systems and processes in place for some of America’s most elite athletes -- our warfighters and their families,” NFLPA Chief Medical Director Dr. Thom Mayer said. “It is impossible to overstate how delighted I am to have one of the nation’s premier neuroscientists and physicians join us to further the health and safety needs of our NFL players.”


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