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Josh Harris purchased the Washington Commanders in July this past year. The organization received low marks across the board last year, so there is no shortage of issues that need marked improvement after years of neglect. The one bright spot for the club is the players’ ranking of the Commanders strength coaches, with 98% of player respondents saying that they get the best possible individualized plan.

The survey data reveals a long list of items with the workplace that continue to be problems, and players expressed that they have grown tired of the deficiencies. To start, the locker room is small and in desperate need of renovation, with players reporting multiple sewage leaks. The training room is significantly understaffed, with only 52% of players saying they receive an adequate amount of one-on-one treatment time for injury recovery and prevention. Equipment in the weight room and training room was described as below the standards required of a professional sports franchise, and the Commanders are one of seven teams where players believe the club’s facility is no better than other places they could train offsite.

When asked what the number one issue respondents want to prioritize for fixing, most players couldn’t come up with just one. Instead, the common answer was the entire facility. The players understand that the new club ownership didn’t create these current problems, and they are hopeful that the new team ownership is willing to do what it takes to fix them.

Breakdown of Key Categories


CategoryGradeRank out of 32
Treatment of FamiliesF-31st
Locker RoomF-32nd
Training RoomF-32nd
Training StaffF31st
Weight RoomC25th
Strength CoachesA5th
Team TravelF31st
Head CoachC31st


Treatment of Families

  • They are one of 12 teams that do not provide a family room during games 
  • They are one of seven teams that provide no daycare support for players’ children on gameday
  • They are one of four teams that do not offer either a family room or daycare 
  • Some returning players report some improvements compared to last year, including a few new family events and a better, more private post-game family area
  • Many players want the team to offer daycare and a family room like most teams in the NFL

Food / Cafeteria

  • They rank 27th overall in food taste 
  • They rank 29th overall in food freshness 

Nutritionist /Dietician

  • Only 58% of players feel like they get an individualized plan (29th overall)

Locker Room

  • Only 26% of players feel like they have enough room in their individual lockers (32nd overall) 
  • Only 19% of players feel like the locker room is big enough (32nd overall) 
  • Many players feel that the locker room is way too small and in need of a renovation 
  • Players also mention issues with cleanliness, citing multiple sewage leaks this season

Training Room

  • Only 51% of players feel they have enough full-time trainers (32nd overall) 
  • Only 34% of players feel they have enough full-time physical therapists (32nd overall) 
  • Only 36% of players feel they have enough hot tub space (31st overall) 
  • Only 56% of players feel they have enough cold tub space (30th overall) 
  • The team brought in more staff this year, but many players still feel like there are not enough trainers and physical therapists in the training room 
  • Players need larger hot and cold tubs that do not constantly break down and are more sanitary 
  • Some feel that the equipment in the training room is not up to the standard of a professional sports team and needs to be upgraded

Training Staff

  • The players’ rating of their head trainer is the lowest across all teams 
  • Only 52% of players feel like they receive enough one-on-one treatment (31st overall) 
  • The players feel that the training staff just slightly contributes to their success (31st overall)

Weight Room

  • The players feel like the quality of the equipment in the weight room is average (26th overall) 
  • The players do not think they have enough space in their weight room (29th overall)
  •  A majority of Commanders players believe their facility is no better than offsite locations where they could train 
  • Only five other teams in the league have similarly poor impressions of their own weight room

Strength Coaches

  • 98% of players feel like they get an individualized plan (3rd overall) 
  • The players feel that the strength coaches significantly contribute to their success (8th overall) 
  • The players are very complimentary of their entire strength staff

Team Travel

  • The players’ ratings of their travel schedule position it among the worst in the NFL (32nd overall) 
  • Only 50% of the players feel like they have a comfortable amount of personal space during flights (30th overall) 
  • The Commanders do not make any players have roommates before games

Head Coach

  • Only 76% of players feel that former head coach Ron Rivera was efficient with their time (26th overall) 
  • The players feel that Ron Rivera was somewhat willing to listen to the locker room (27th overall)


  • Club owner Josh Harris receives a rating of 8.6/10 from Commander players when considering his willingness to invest in the facilities (18th overall)