I do not have an undergraduate and/or postgraduate degree. May I still take the exam?

The NFLPA may grant exceptions to the degree requirements only if you can provide specific evidence of at least seven (7) years sufficient negotiating experience in lieu of both degrees. For example, if you have only an undergraduate degree you still need to provide documentation that reflects a minimum of seven (7) years of negotiating experience. You should email all documents reflecting such relevant negotiating experience to agentservices@nflpa.com after you have submitted the online application. The application fee is non-refundable even if you are not granted the post-graduate degree exception.

I do not currently have a post-graduate degree, but I will by the time of the exam. Can I still apply?

Yes, however, you will need to submit proof of completion before you may take the exam.

What does “Accredited College or University” mean?

A College or University recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or the Office of Degree Authorization (ODA). Any foreign institution must have the foreign equivalent of U.S. approved accreditation as determined by the Office of Degree Authorization.

When will I find out if my application to take the exam is approved?

The NFLPA utilizes a third-party company to perform background investigations on each applicant and that normally takes a few months. You should expect to receive information about your application approval in early June. All relevant materials that will be covered at the seminar and on the exam will be made available to you in early May regardless of the status of your application.

What happens if I am approved to participate in the upcoming Seminar for Agent Applicants, but at the time it occurs, I cannot attend?

If you are approved to participate and this is your first opportunity, you remain eligible to participate in the following year’s seminar and take the examination without additional cost. The seminar and exam are only administered once each year.

What happens if I do not pass this year's examination?

If you do not pass this year's exam and this was your first opportunity to take the exam, you may participate in the next Seminar for Agent Applicants and take the exam again; you will not need to pay an additional application fee. The fee waiver will only apply to the following year's seminar. If you also fail that exam, you are prohibited from filing another application for five (5) years.

If I pass the examination, when can I begin to sign players?

If you pass the examination, you will receive an invoice for the annual fee and information concerning obtaining required liability insurance. The insurance becomes effective October 1. You can expect to become fully certified around that time, assuming the annual fee and insurance requirement has been fulfilled.

How much is the annual fee and when is it due?

The annual fee is currently $1,500 (subject to change) if you represent fewer than 10 active players, and $2,000 (subject to change) if you represent 10 or more active players. An invoice and instructions will be sent along with your exam results and is payable immediately. The application fee paid in January covered application review, background investigation, the seminar and examination. The annual fee payment will cover registration cost for NFLPA Agent Seminars and provides resources and support to agents to assist them in properly representing their NFL player clients.

When and where are the next required seminars?

Contract Advisors certified at the Seminar for Agent Applicants are required to attend a seminar the following year. Typically, there are three seminars every year: one in February (subject to change); one at a location TBD during the spring; and the final seminar is in conjunction with the Sports Lawyers Association's annual conference (separate registration fee required).

What circumstances will cause a lapse in my certification?

Reasons your certification will lapse include but are not limited to: (1) failure to attend a required seminar, (2) failure to pay the annual fee, or (3) failure to maintain required insurance in any given year. We will then notify NFL Clubs and your clients that you are not permitted to negotiate NFL contracts. If your certification should lapse for any reason, you are required to re-apply and participate in the new agent seminar and pass the exam.

Also, if you do not negotiate a single NFL Player Contract (excluding Practice Squad) within a three-year period, your certification will automatically expire. You may only regain certification by submitting a new application, participating in the Seminar for Agent Applicants, and passing the exam.

*This information is subject to change