• Workouts cannot begin prior to the first Monday in April for clubs with a new head coach or the third Monday in April for all other clubs

  • Workouts are strictly voluntary; Club officials cannot indicate workouts are anything other than voluntary

  • Maximum 4 w/o per week (no weekends), with one week being the mandatory minicamp (not permitted on weekends) 

  • Contact work is prohibited in all workouts (e.g. "live" blocking, tackling, pass rushing, bump-and-run, etc.) 

  • Intensity and tempo of drills should be at a level conducive to learning, with player safty as the highest priority. 


Phase One | 4 hours a day

  • Two weeks | Limited to strength and conditioning activities ("dead ball"); only strength and conditioning coaches allowed on field*

  • 90 minute max on the field

  • Clubs can only specify 2 hours for players to be at the facility

  • Players choose the other 2 hours for weights, etc. 


Phase Two | 4 hours a day

  • Three weeks | same rules as phase one apply except: 

    • All coaches allowed on the field

    • Individual and “perfect play” drills allowed 

    • No offense vs. defense, no one - on - one, no helmets


Phase Three | 6 hours a day

  • 4 weeks total

  • 3 weeks for 10 total OTA’s

  • A maximum of 3 OTA’s each week for the first 2 weeks

  • During Weeks 1 & 2 a 4th non OTA workout is allowed but phase two rules apply

  • A maximum of 4 OTA’s for the 3rd or 4th week

  • One week for mini camp

  • No pads except protective knee and elbow pads, helmets are permitted

  • No live contact

  • 7 on 7, 9 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills will be permitted provided no live contact takes place


Minicamp | 10 hours a day

  • Physicals on Monday but no practice 

  • Practices Tuesday-Thursday, with a day off on friday

  • Allowed two practices totaling 3 ½ Hours on the field per day

  • Second practice limited to walk through activities only


* Dead Ball Explanation:
             -QBs can throw to receivers with no coverage
             -Kickers and Punters can kick, but players cannot field the ball and no snappers or holders can be involved
             -Long Snappers can snap into a net
             -Defensive players may not catch balls at all regardless of who is throwing them.