Develop your professional skillset off the field.

Need to update your LinkedIn, create a resume, or hone your approach to networking? Work with AthLife to develop your skills and brand by accessing the following services:

  • One-on-One Advising | Develop off the field by receiving one-on-one guidance in areas like networking, resume building, and LinkedIn creation. Check out our recent #AthleteAnd Learning Labs on the importance of these areas:

    LinkedIn 101 w/Kelvin Beachum | Full Version

    Personal Branding 101 w/Demario Davis | Full Version

    Resume 101 w/Chris Manhertz | Full Version

  • E-Learning Courses | These self-paced courses will serve as guides to overall professional development
  • Next Play Pro & Athlete Interest Assessments | These assessments are provided through the Game Plan platform via partnership with AthLife to help you learn more about how your “athlete identity” and interests align with various career paths and industries.
    • Next Play Pro | A personality assessment that explores eight categories of the athlete identity. Athletes are able to discover what areas of the athletic experience they are most drawn to, creating a practical lens through which to identify opportunities they most align with based on their results.
    • Athlete Interest | An assessment that helps athletes explore interests in continuing education and careers. Athletes can also compare their individual results to a sample of other professional athletes who have previously completed the assessment to gain a broader perspective.

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It's important for athletes to know that you have two brands: the athlete and the 'and' – understanding what you have to give to the world outside of the game.

Demario Davis