Information on the tuition reimbursement process can be found here. Additionally, we encourage you to review our many education partners and opportunities here.

Follow the Steps Below to Submit your Claim

  1. Complete the Tuition Reimbursement (Holding) Form and upload required documents including the following:

    - Proof of grade(s)
    - All itemized receipts (including proof of tuition charges from university, books and fees, professional licensing examination charges and review course and study guide charges)
    - For professional licensing examinations, proof that you passed the examination (must be passed the first time taken)

  2. If additional documents are needed you will receive a follow-up email stating so, otherwise you will simply receive an email receipt of your documents and there will be no further action needed at this time.
  3. Your records will be kept on file and you will be notified at the time of submission for reimbursement. We will be reaching out to you annually to make sure we have updated contact information for prompt disbursement at the appropriate time.

Questions? Shoot us an email.

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The COVID-19 Amendments between the NFL and NFLPA to the CBA put a “hold” on the tuition reimbursement benefit claims and approval process until at least 2023 due to an anticipated decrease in revenue. In light of the end of payments by the NFL during the period covered by the COVID Amendments, the NFLPA Board of Player Representatives voted to allocate benefit dollars under the Player Cost cap in future years to restore cancelled benefits (Tuition Reimbursement in this case) for those players who would have qualified for such a benefit if the benefit had remained in place. The COVID amendments specifically permit the NFLPA to reinstitute this benefit in future league years under the CBA.

Although no such reimbursement claim payments will be made until at least 2023, the NFLPA has established a virtual repository for your education documents and receipts for classes that will be necessary to submit your reimbursement claims in the future. The NFLPA has established this repository for your documents to facilitate your future submission of claims when the reimbursement claim review process is instituted. To be clear, the uploading/submission of your receipts/documents does not mean that your reimbursement claim has been submitted and approved; rather, the NFLPA wants to help you retain the documents you will need in the future to submit a claim. The NFLPA is merely acting as a repository for your documents/materials until they can be submitted for review and determination of whether your reimbursement claim qualifies as determined by the NFL.