Once Cam Jordan saw he rated No. 1 on the new NFLPA Influencer Hot List for “Most Consistently Active” on social media, the New Orleans Saints All-Pro defensive end responded with his typical style of humor and humility.

Fans immediately chimed in that they want more:

@TrikPik: Man of the people, bro. We love it!

@CeCeChristophe: Keep doing you. We, the fans, love the interaction! #WhoDat

@tim_m: Often imitated. Never duplicated. There can only be one!

@TMDL1: Keep it up Cam! I love your interaction with the fans!

If you’re one of Jordan’s 550,000+ followers, you’ll appreciate Jordan’s posts about his life and family as well as the fact that he engages directly with fans – making him as likeable and relatable as any person on social media.

His personality, talent and impact in the community measure more than just being a great football player. In fact, Jordan’s an avid WNBA fan, travels the world with his family, loves anime and cool sneakers, has a knack for broadcasting and enjoys sharing culinary creations.

He represents the multidimensional #AthleteAnd. When asked what his “And” is, we needed more space to describe him.

To Jordan, his “And” symbolizes a multitude of passions and interests that shape the man that he is —abiding faith, love for family and unyielding support for his community, the troops, children and women.

Brands love working with Jordan because he is authentic. He is who he is. You get exactly what you expect. He lives up to what he says. That is what makes Cameron Jordan...Cameron Jordan.

His universal appeal is what makes him one of the league’s most marketable players. Brand partners benefit when an athlete transcends sport. He is always in high demand. Jordan communicates with partners. He also incorporates their products into his everyday life. He lives up to their brand values — and the opposite is just as important to him.

“When a marketing opportunity comes my way, it needs to be an opportunity for me to build a meaningful relationship with the brand and my fans,” the 10th-year veteran said. “For example, now that social media content is huge, I like opportunities that fit the conversations I am already having. I’ve been lucky to work with partners and brands who get that.”

His football feats aside, it always feels like Jordan represents something fans believe in, too. As a result, his followers relate to him and have a strong bond with him because of it.

Last year, he was among 10 players chosen by DMI as part of its Fuel Up to Play 60 program. Jordan was chosen because of his personality and his commitment to community. He appeared at area schools where he engaged with more than 300 kids. In some cases, he ate breakfast or lunch with them. No wonder he was twice nominated for Walter Payton Man of the Year, an award that recognizes an NFL player for outstanding community service off the field as well as excellence on the field.

Cameron’s enjoyment from working with kids is palpable. His platform as an athlete, father, a role model and community leader come so naturally to him. Watching him engage with kids on such a genuine level is beyond priceless.

Cory Keslow, Team Services, LLC (agency for Dairy Management Inc.)

When COVID-19 brought hardship to New Orleans, Jordan joined countless others to help families in their time of need. He donated $25,000 for laptops to help students in low-income households so that they could complete their studies.

Giving of himself to serve and inspire others is a quality learned from his mother, Anita, and his father, All-Pro tight end and Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor inductee, Steve, who instilled values and work ethic in their son on and off the field.

“The core of who I am is my family,” Jordan said. “I keep that front and center and from there I just stay true to my beliefs, my experiences, and my community—all of which has shaped me. I am fortunate to have a platform like professional football to make an impact and give back.”

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