Provide NFLPA licensees with a turnkey solution to access multiple NFL players and create valuable, original marketing content.  

NFLPA’s Solution 

The Licensee Content Studio, developed by the NFLPA and OneTeam Partners, provided partners with an effective and creative way to utilize their marketing budget and leverage the marketing influence of NFL players – presenting a twofold benefit for the licensee and the players.

Partner Benefit 

Licensees successfully added value to their marketing campaigns and delivered on their individualized content needs, while maximizing their budgets.  

“This turned out to be one of the best quality pieces we could have asked for. The [players] were engaged, honest, and articulate and our team will be able to put [the content] to good use on various platforms.”

Open Road Brands, NFLPA partner and Licensee Content Studio participant

Quick Hits

7 Licensees
Number of partners who captured content with players
22 Players
Total unique amount of NFL players activated for content

What is the NFLPA Licensee Content Studio?

The Licensee Content Studio, a concept created by the NFLPA and in partnership with OneTeam Partners (OTP), is a first-of-its-kind, turnkey solution for NFLPA partners that was piloted at the 2023 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

What Problem Did It Solve?

The Licensee Content Studio created a new and viable blueprint for NFLPA licensees to generate marketing content that delivers on their individualized marketing needs. The main objective of the Studio was to offer licensees the opportunity to effectively utilize player marketing budgets to create high-value content with access to NFL players at a tentpole event. The pop-up content studio allowed multiple partners the opportunity to efficiently engage with a group of players and add value to their marketing campaigns on a single day at the event.   

How It Works

The Content Studio provides partner brands with a turnkey channel to utilize their marketing commitment to generating high-value content from multiple NFL players at a single-source event. 

The activation follows five simple steps:

  1. Scheduling a creative consultation to discuss and design a content plan that meets brand objectives;
  2. Determining the most valuable content for filming by OTP and with the players;
  3. Selecting a stage backdrop, props and other materials;
  4. Defining deliverables as to how content will be delivered to the partner;
  5. Sharing the finalized content, in accordance with group player rights.

Seven partners participated in the pilot: Fanatics, Draftea, Signables, All Goat Puzzles, Original Retro Brand, CultureFly and Open Road Brands. In total, 22 NFL players were activated and seven participating licensees received an allotted time with at least six players, depending on their content needs. 

Players were selected based on criteria set by the licensee, how the players align with their brand and products and budgetary considerations. The NFLPA and OTP then offered recommendations to match players with each partner based on the set criteria.

Content production was managed by OTP and included photo deliverables, raw footage that the partner could edit or a single mash-up video. All licensees were required to adhere to group guidelines for featuring six or more players and share content with the NFLPA for approvals along with a distribution plan.

The Results

Partners involved with the Licensee Content Studio successfully created various content assets reporting positive feedback on the experience and outcome. Open Roads Brands: “This is terrific! Thank you so much for the effort and please let your team know how appreciative we are. This turned out to be one of the best quality pieces we could have asked for. The [players] were engaged, honest, and I’m sure our team will be able to put this to good use on various platforms. Thank you so much for all your efforts. A plus!”  

Providing a new and novel path for partners to utilize player marketing commitments to capture content with a group of players at a single event proved effective and was successful at engaging partners and activating players. 


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