Lyft, NFL Players Association Launch Program Providing Ride Options to Players

Rideshare company to provide reliable car options and create career-transition programs for NFL players


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– Rideshare company to provide reliable car options and create career-transition programs for NFL players–

WASHINGTON and SAN FRANCISCO (April 26, 2017) – The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) – through its licensing and marketing arm, NFL Players Inc. -- has announced a partnership with fast-growing rideshare leader, Lyft, for the upcoming season. Lyft not only gives the players a reliable transportation option, but it will also assist them with planning for future career and business opportunities.

“This partnership will do so much for our players,” Ahmad Nassar, president of NFL Players Inc. said. “First and foremost, it allows players league-wide to have a consistent and safe option for rides. But more than that, Lyft will provide career and business opportunities for both active players and those transitioning to life after football.”

The partnership will begin this week at the 2017 NFL Draft in Philadelphia. Lyft will be providing ride credits to rookies invited to the annual NFLPA Debut event on Wednesday, April 26. Additionally, all active players will be eligible to receive $250 in ride credits, as well as the ability to earn additional credits through an ongoing social influencer promotion. Players will be able to redeem Lyft credits in 30 of 32 NFL cities.

"It is an honor to partner with the NFLPA and support the player community,” said David Baga, Chief Business Officer at Lyft. “We’re thrilled to provide safe, reliable transportation for the players and the people they care about."

Many NFL players are already fans of Lyft, as the company’s app allows them to easily hail a ride and see the driver who will be picking them up in a matter of minutes.

“Having the NFLPA partner with Lyft, which provides great, reliable ride options there at your fingertips, is a huge win for players” said Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks. “Whether it’s a ride from the airport, a restaurant, or even for a friend or family member, being able to take a safe and convenient ride from Lyft delivers peace of mind.”

The NFLPA will use Lyft for player-event transportation where possible, as well as for internal employee travel at special events.

“Starting our partnership with Lyft during NFL Draft weekend is a great first step to show players coming in just what the NFLPA can help provide them,” said Don Davis, NFLPA senior director of player affairs. “Any time they want, players can easily use their phone, get a ride, and not think anything of it. It’s a great tool for them to have as they begin to find their way with their new teams in new cities.”

Additionally, Lyft will be working alongside the NFLPA to create a former-player career transition program, incentivizing players to become Lyft drivers while they transition to life after football.

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