A financial advisor provides advice or guidance to clients on how to invest and manage money as well as how to reach financial goals. Services provided can include financial planning, investing, tax and estate planning. Advisors may work independently or as part of a larger financial firm, and they must be licensed to conduct business with clients

You will want to really interview someone before hiring him or her to be your personal financial advisor. Learn 10 key questions to ask before choosing your financial advisor.

Things to know:

  • Financial institutions and individual advisors may participate in the Program
  • We have a limited number of agreements with reputable financial institutions – Learn more about them here
  • Institutions designate and monitor their advisors who meet specific criteria and abide by a code of conduct when dealing with NFL player-clients
  • Selecting an advisor who is part of the Institutional Program is ideal if you are looking for a concierge-like experience
  • Institutional advisors have developed financial advisory services that meet the specific identified goals of players
  • An individual registered financial advisor is also vetted and meets the educational, experiential and regulatory standards established by the NFLPA
  • Individual advisors also submit to due diligence checks and abide by a code of conduct