Want to explore entrepreneurship? Develop your identity off the field? Grow as a leader? We got you.


The Summit is an exclusive opportunity to:

  • Connect with players from across the NFL
  • Gain insight from high-profile, leading industry experts (in media, broadcasting, real estate, entrepreneurship, etc.)
  • Discover how to grow your network and build your brand
  • Connect with other players from across the NFL
  • Learn what your union can do for you
  • Enjoy fine dining and networking

The 2024 event featured insights from:

  • Zaire Franklin, Indianapolis Colts
  • Domonique Foxworth, ESPN
  • Devon Kennard, Real Estate Investor 
  • Sierra Friend – Founder, MäksēLife 
  • Darian Wilson – Digital Media Director, MäksēLife 
  • Seth Makowsky, chess guru and performance coach from Poison Pawn
  • Crista Samaras, VP of Content, The Post
  • Kevin Jones, Founder, Bluewire
  • Anita Alberse, Professor, Harvard Business School with a case study on the Economics of a Pro Athlete
  • Jed Collins – Founder, Money Vehicle & NFL Vet
  • Carmen Chubb, Partner, Columbia Residential
  • Greg Katz, Partner, Atlis Real Estate Partners
  • Christian Ponder, Founder, The Post
  • Ryan Wilson, CEO, The Gathering Spot
  • Jacob Rothman, Founder, Perch Fit
  • Justin Driscoll, VC, leAD Partners
  • Kris Martin, Principal, Will Ventures
  • Brylan Donaldson, Scout, Serac Ventures
  • Maria Toler, Founding Partner, SteelSky Ventures

   and more!


The Summit has now ended. Please check back for future events!

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